˿Ƶ is a member of the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) which provides an extensive program of summer and winter sport for boys, as well as major carnivals in swimming and athletics. Girls also enjoy a comprehensive sporting program through our involvement in the joint Associated Grammar Schools/Associated Public Schools (AGS/APS) sporting body.

In order that we can meet our obligations to these Associations, it is the School’s expectation that all students participate in the sporting program offered as per their enrolment agreement. This, in the main, requires them to select a sport in the respective summer and winter seasons, train regularly and be available for selection to represent the School as required. Students may also be required to train for, and represent the School in athletics and or swimming carnivals.

Sports Objectives

The School aims to deliver a sporting program that:

  • Ensures students are provided with the opportunity to maintain a healthy level of fitness
  • Develops students’ skills and knowledge of a chosen sport
  • Develops team work and collective achievement amongst the school community
  • Identifies the difference between striving for excellence and having fun and delivers each as appropriate at any given time
  • Teaches students how to behave / respond when things go well / poorly
  • Provides experiences that encourage students to make their own positive choices about physical activity later in life
  • Winning is a much sought after outcome, however, the way we do it is more important than the outcome itself
  • No one student is any more important than any other student

Sports Available

There are a wide range of sports available for our students. Summer sports include: Cricket, Swimming, Touch Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Badminton, Basketball (boys) and Table Tennis. Winter sports include: Soccer, AFL, Basketball (girls), Hockey and Netball.

There are also co-curricular opportunities to participate in Golf, Cross Country running, Canoe/Kayaking, Snowsports and Equestrian events.

Sports Facilities

˿Ƶ has extensive sporting grounds including football and soccer ovals, tennis courts, hockey courts, a new indoor swimming pool, indoor gymnasium and basketball courts.

Sports Handbook

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