The George Wood Performing Arts Centre: The Story Behind

A place is made by the people within it. This is how a community makes a connection with those that came before. It is traced in its intention: the homely ideals it is founded on.

The George Wood Performing Arts Centre (PAC) began as a conversation between the Headmaster, George Wood, and staff as early as 1986, and was officially introduced at a meeting of the Council’s Education Committee on 3 February 1987. A building was in plans to act as the stage for the school community and commemorate Yarra Valley Anglican School’s 25th birthday.

From then to now, the PAC is many things to many people. It witnesses the Assemblies, Musical Performances, Productions, Award nights, Art shows, and Memorial Services. It offers neighbouring schools a stage, for shows and performances. It seats the many people and friends of the school in synergy with the scenic beauty of the school grounds and views, of which the School’s founders were particularly proud. It is a testimony to the ethos of the school by lifting the faces of the community to the forefront.

The Foundation, a cornerstone of the Yarra community, was created specifically to bring the PAC to life. George Wood, its namesake, was a monumentally significant figure to the Yarra we know today – a man best known for his quiet and kind spirit, his calm tenacity, his ever-present blue suits. The PAC lives as a tribute to the old ideal: we are the community that makes us as individuals. When we walk inside it, we sense its history: a living, breathing story.


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