The Yarra Old Grammarians (YOG) association's purpose is to promote pride and support shared by past and present Yarra communities - we want to keep YOGs connected!

A recent initiative has been the development of the YOG Funding Requests. The committee has recognised that some teams/events/projects that Old Grammarians would be interested in setting up, take time and in some cases money. To provide some assistance to YOGs in getting these initiatives off the ground, the YOG Committee can assist by way of financial support.

Perhaps you have thought it would be great to start up a YOG Softball Club, perform a YOG production or perhaps run a one-off event, and need some financial support. If so, with some effort and our financial assistance, perhaps we can get things moving!

Deadline for submission:     Notification of outcome of submission:

30 November 2023                            February 2024

If interested, please complete the attached Request Form and return to yog@yvg.vic.edu.au.

Any questions can be sent to yog@yvg.vic.edu.au

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