Yarra Drama

˿Ƶ is renowned for its incredible dramatic performances. From award winning large scale musicals filled with spectacle, to our intimate and perfected plays, our productions allow the students with the opportunity to bring their talents to the stage.

This would not be possible if it were not for the wonderful Yarra Drama team who support and collaborate with the Performing Arts department to bring excellence to every performance. The Yarra Drama team create dazzling foyer experiences, memorable merchandise and run the kiosk during show week. They also assist the production team with sourcing and designing costumes and props. Not only does the Yarra Drama team support the productions themselves but provides treasured experiences for the students such as supplying cast t-shirts and meals during show times.

We are always looking to expand the parent group and welcome new members to offer their skills.

Contact: John Luan

Please email drama@yvg.vic.edu.au to register your interest.

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