ELC Curriculum

Building the foundation skills for learning

Our ELC children are nurtured by creative teachers who immerse themselves in play with the children. Play enables children to develop all their skills – social, emotional, physical, language and intellectual thinking. We continually evaluate children’s play to discover what they are learning and to help shape and extend their learning further.

We’re building the foundation skills that can set them on the right path for lifelong learning (Nicky E Callow - Director of Early Learning Centre)

The curriculum is underpinned by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, which has been adapted by our staff so that each component of learning can be delivered through stimulating play experiences. Our Early Learning Centre has been awarded the highest rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standard on all seven measures of Quality by the Department of Education and Training.

  • Relationships with children
  • Educational program and practise
  • Children's health and safety
  • Physical environment
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Leadership and service managment
  • Staffing arrangements

The program was engaging and developmentally appropriate for all children, maximising each child's learning and development opportunities. (Department of Education and Training)

Outdoor play encourages the children to use their bodies and to test and challenge emerging skills. Our outdoor area is a creative, open-ended space with plenty of sensory stimuli. Children are encouraged to engage with nature and to explore the garden beds, sand and gravel areas, rock pools, dirt and water.

Literacy, numeracy and technology

Literacy concepts are developed through book sharing opportunities; re-enacting stories; playing with rhymes and songs; looking at, using and making signs; talking about experiences; making lists, invitations, cards and letters; and drawing, painting and playing with print.

Numeracy concepts go beyond the development of counting to include awareness of shape, size and positional terms; sorting, matching and ordering; and early measurement understandings.

Each of our ELC rooms has a technology area where regular exposure to engaging, age-appropriate software helps expand childrens' ability to acquire information, solve problems and communicate with others.

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