Thank you Andrew Hirst

At the School Board Meeting this week, Mr Andrew Hirst stood down as Chair after leading our Board for the past five years. Mr Hirst; a Yarra Old Grammarian was first appointed to the Board in 2012 and served our school with great distinction. He led the school through the uncertain years of the COVID lockdowns and his active participation at school events was a reassuring presence during this time. Mr Hirst distinguished himself as leader of our School Board, ensuring that positions taken and decisions made were the result of full director participation and clarity of thought. During his tenure, a number of significant building projects were completed, ensuring that our students and teachers have access to wonderful resources and facilities. The financial stewardship of the school was and remains in a very healthy state due to an ambitious but responsible approach to the physical improvement of the school. The School Board are the custodians of the mission of the school and as such have a critical role in the good governance of the school. The Board under Mr Hirst’s leadership has discharged this role very well. On behalf of all of us here at Yarra, we thank him for his leadership and service.

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