Our Vision

The School Board has developed a ˿Ƶ Strategic Plan 2022-2026 to guide the future of the School.

Within that plan is an ongoing commitment to ensure that ˿Ƶ remains a leader in education in Melbourne’s east. Adopting that commitment, Principal Dr Merry and his team have developed the Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan.

The Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan supports our commitment to excellence in education and recognises that our greatest resource is excellence in teaching and exceptional teachers. The School actively undertakes to recruit highly professional people and to develop and support excellence in teaching.

The Board fully supports teaching and learning through the provision of the appropriate resources, facilities and personnel as outlined in the ˿Ƶ Strategic Plan. By supporting this Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan we aim to ensure that the ˿Ƶ experience is a defining one in the lives of young people, emphasising the quality of the educational experience. This will include the culture of the School; the way in which our values are brought to life, sustained positively and felt by all who are connected with the School. We will ensure consistency of teachers’ performance, action and delivery. We will generate confidence in all our stakeholders in the values, contribution, philosophy, strategies and impact of the School at an individual, family, community and societal level.

View the Teaching & Learning Strategic Plan here.

The Community Report is a Federal Government requirement of all schools, required annually.

This report provides specific information as to ˿Ƶ’s performance in the previous academic year.

View the Community Report here.

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