Yarra Equestrian

Yarra Equestrian provides the opportunity for students actively riding and competing with their horses to represent the School and to enjoy the support and encouragement of other team members. Yarra Equestrian encourages students to compete at as many interschool competitions as possible; whether in School hours, over weekends or school holidays.

Throughout the year Yarra Equestrian organises clinics, giving students access to high level tuition at a group level. This may be in the discipline of show jumping, dressage or cross-country. Many riders compete at different levels at Pony Club and Equestrian Australia (EA) competitions but being part of the School team offers the opportunity for riders of all ages and abilities to come together and show Yarra Spirit out in the highly competitive interschool arena.

Yarra Equestrian has team members from the younger years in Junior Primary right through to senior levels. As riders progress through to Middle and Senior School they have the opportunity to be recognised for their commitment to the sport through awards and School colours.

Competitions on the interschool arena are largely co-ordinated by the Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series (VEIS). Their website has important information about competing including rules, calendars and entry details as well as outlining series, qualifying events and grand finals. Throughout the year different schools host competitions from show jumping (ISJ), dressage (ISD), combined training, eventing and showing. Each year there is a major event hosted by the VEIS at Werribee called the Interschool Championships which sees riders from all disciplines come together over the course of a week; this is the qualifying event for national competitions.

Yarra Equestrian is continuing to grow, develop and support our riders and we have a strong focus on team spirit and positive involvement from both riders and parents.

Contact: Kerry Williams


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