Brooke Nicholas Pavilion: Opening/Dedications

Thursday March 29, 2012 marked a day etched into the school’s collective memory: the opening ceremony of the Sports Pavilion.

Reverend Dianne Sharrock led the day with the official announcement of the dedication to pivotal community members Nicholas Brooke and Richard Nicholas. Now stood a building that celebrates Yarra’s love of sport and sportsmanship.

Board Chairman, Sarah Tipping, proudly unveiled an Honour Board. This acknowledges the contribution of many generous donors to the project. It was a day of spirited congratulation and an extension of gratitude to cornerstones and champions of the School.

Following this theme, Director of Sport, Bryan Harper, also spoke of the future use of the building: of people coming together under the roof for functions and of people sprawling onto the balcony in high-spirits for the post-match rallying cry after a hard fought win.


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