Middle and Senior School Gallery

Year 7

Grid Rendering Task

For this task the students recreating a tonal scale using a variety of rendering techniques. These included Hatching, Cross Hatching, Dot Rendering, Tonal Rendering and Textural Rendering. They learnt how to render a 3D form from a light source. Students then created an enlarged drawing from a photograph, using the grid technique. They needed to render their drawings to show a Colour, Tone and a variety of rendering techniques.

Inside Outside Portraits

Students created a Self-portrait drawing using grey lead pencils to represent their physical characteristics. They aimed to develop their observational drawing skills, to develop their rendering skills and to explore the proportions of the face and individual facial features. They then included colours and symbols to represent their personal interests and personality, the ‘Inside’ part of their character.


In this unit of work, students studied the work of MC Escher and the wonderful world of Tessellations.

The students were then required to use their knowledge of the Art Elements and Principles to create a design for their own Lizard that would become a part of a Year 7 Tessellation mural. They were encouraged to use Line, Pattern, Repetition and colour.

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