Accommodation, Support and Welfare

All overseas students (regardless of age) must live with a parent or have a Melbourne-based Guardian approved by the Department of Home Affairs and the School during their entire enrolment period at the School.

Overseas students without an accompanying parent or DOHA approved guardian can only be accepted into the School once they have turned 13 years of age. All overseas students must have appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements in place before they commence their study at ˿Ƶ.

Overseas students who do not reside with either the parents or the parent nominated Guardian as approved by Department of Home Affairs are placed with ˿Ƶ approved homestay accommodation for the duration of their study at ˿Ƶ.
˿Ƶ will meet the relevant Commonwealth, state or territory legislation or other regulatory requirements relating to child welfare and protection appropriate to the jurisdiction in which it operates. For further information regarding responsibilities as a Guardian, Designated Caregiver/Support Person and homestay host, please refer to Child Protection Policy and Procedures and Code of Conduct Policy.

All Guardians, Designated Caregivers/Support Person and Homestay Hosts must follow all ˿Ƶ's overseas students policies and procedures as well as the School policies and procedures, subject to change. In addition they must comply with the .
The services provided by the Designated Caregivers/Support Person are in addition to the welfare provisions that the School already has in place to provide welfare to overseas students on a CAAW letter. For more information on Support Services Policy and Procedures, please refer to the Designated Caregiver and Support Services Information.

˿Ƶ accepts responsibility for approving the accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements for students under the age of 18, where a CAAW has been issued by the School. ˿Ƶ does not delegate, outsource or contract out that responsibility. ˿Ƶ is responsible for Screening, recruitment, approval and monitoring of School’s homestay families in order to ensure the accommodation meets the requirements of the National Code.

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