Senior School

Students in the Senior School are completing their final, important years of secondary education, and making significant choices about future study and career paths.

“Our aim is to provide an education with a particular focus on academic excellence. Our programs, subject offerings, teaching and learning practice, standards and expectations are all geared towards our students achieving their personal best in their academic results that will allow them to proceed into their chosen tertiary course or post-secondary school pathway.” Mr Damian Ellul - Head of Senior School

This specific focus on academic rigour in the senior years starts at Year 10, where a uniquely designed pre-VCE curriculum is offered to prepare students for their final two years. Each Year 10 subject incorporates a theoretical component equivalent to its VCE counterpart, building our students’ capacity to tackle increasingly complex concepts. Our Year 11 and 12 students can then approach their studies with confidence and preparedness. Senior School students have access to valuable careers information and guidance, and are provided with assistance in their subject selection to ensure they meet relevant tertiary qualification requirements.

The Senior School VCE Program (Years 10-12)

˿Ƶ’s broad VCE curriculum allows students to choose from more than 40 different subject units, ensuring they will find a match for their skills and interests. Students are guided through this process by teachers and staff to ensure their subjects align with their future goals.

In Year 11, Units 1 and 2 subject assessment outcomes closely reflect those of Units 3 and 4, reinforcing our goal of preparing students ahead of time for the challenges that lay ahead. Students complete SACs and SATs as they will in Year 12 to increase their familiarity with the process and requirements of their Unit 3 and 4 studies.

The relationship between teachers and students in Senior School is one of mutual respect. Our teachers are passionate about their teaching and are specialists in their subject areas. They know their students well and guide them in their studies to ensure they are focused on achieving their individual goals. The positive learning atmosphere at our School, fostered in the early years, means our students want to do well and there is an atmosphere of encouragement and excitement at achievement between the students. Communication with parents regarding academic progress is regular, and parents may contact tutors at any time with concerns.

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Confidence to achieve their best

Balance is so important during the senior years. Having been involved in co-curricular activities for many years by now, our senior students are active participants in a range of activities and competitions that ensure they maintain other interests during their final years of school. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of the school program, helping to build skills in time management and self-discipline, as well as providing opportunities for mixing and mentoring between year levels.

Senior School is also a time of increasing responsibility and our senior students proudly take on leadership responsibilities, acting as role models for the entire student body. Our goal is to prepare young people with the skills, confidence and independence they will need to lead fulfilling lives as active and contributing members of the community.

Student Wellbeing

We understand the intellectual, emotional and social needs of students during what can be a very demanding time. The support we provide them at this level, and our deliberate encouragement of a school-life balance, enables them to manage priorities. Our purpose-built Senior Student Centre provides a dedicated environment for our senior students, including classrooms and working spaces for VCE subjects, as well as open spaces that reflect the tertiary study environment.

Senior School Co-Curricular

The Senior School experience is rounded out by an array of co-curricular activities, including sport, music and drama performances, academic competitions, debating, art and design programs, community service and social activities, and international tours and exchanges. This comprehensive program and our focus on academic rigour in the senior years provide the ideal environment for our students to achieve their very best.

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