The Larkin Oak

Named after Thomas Larkin and the Larkin Family.

Melbourne, or Bearbrass as it was first called, was settled in 1835. At that time the land around Melbourne was wild and ready to be claimed by squatters. They got legal leases in 1848 for about 14 years. In 1860, new laws said others could buy or lease the land if they lived there and improved it. But it was tough. The soil here wasn’t that great for farming, yet brave folks tried. 

Thomas Larkin leased 51 acres in 1874 and Richard Willoughby took up 20 acres in 1876. Thomas and Richard both died young trying to cultivate this land. In 1963 the Larkin land and the 10 remaining Willoughby acres came into the possession of a land development company. 

On the 13 January 1964 John Harper and Robert Hughes (First Foundation), signed the transfer of ownership of all the Larkin and Willoughby land to “Yarra Valley Church of England School”. AKA: “Yarra Valley Anglican School” and now known as “˿Ƶ”.

The Larkin Oak tree now stands where the last Larkin also named Thomas had built his house.

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