The Visionary Specifications:

The Visionary stands 5 metres tall (excluding the plinth), and weighs in at approximately 900kg. Due to the environment, its weight and height, it is mounted on a plinth that contains 6 cubic meters of concrete which extends 2 meters underground. It is supported by an internal framework of galvanised steel, over which were positioned the various fragments that give the work its form. These fragments are all made with weathering steel (commonly known as Corten steel), with one exception; a single fragment in the chest, which is made from aluminium. Weathering steel is an alloy that was developed in the 1930's and has the unique characteristic of oxidising in such a way that it forms a protective barrier inhibiting deeper degradation of the steel. As the steel approaches maturity the sculpture will take on a deep purple/brown colour, contrasting dramatically with the aluminium "heart" section, which will retain its bright silver appearance.

The aim was to build a sculpture that was aspirational, yet universally relatable, an outcome achieved by stripping away all the distinguishing features, leaving an androgynous, youthful figure. The pose is that of a young person in quiet contemplation, looking beyond the horizon and into the clouds, indulging in their imagination as they ponder the world and their place in it.


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