Upper Primary Building

˿Ƶ opened the Upper Primary Building in 2011.

This is an exciting and flexible learning space for our older primary students, whilst still maintaining traditional homerooms for each class. It caters for six classes, three on each floor.

Each floor has a Science/Technology/Art space as well as multimedia zones. These spaces allow our students to complete more hands on learning as well as to develop their creativity and innovation skills. Break out spaces for small group work are a feature of the central shared space and these incorporate computing and storage spaces, as well as reading areas. Provision for computing allows us to place desktop computers in either the centre spill over space or in classrooms, with wireless and hard wired connectivity both available.

Each classroom is equipped with electronic whiteboards and students have access to individual lockers. Change rooms and toilets are located on the ground floor, along with multi-use seating areas which can be used for meetings or lecture style presentations.

Teaching and learning happen in a variety of ways, in differing groups and in a range of environments; thus the need for flexible spaces. Students need the flexibility to work in both small and large groups, depending on the teacher’s planning. The facility has provision for students to make models, have discussions, do research and collaborate in a variety of break-out spaces.This building allows for all types of learning within sight of a student’s classroom and class teacher.

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