The Sculptor: Damian Vick (YOG 1998)

Damian spent his final years at ˿Ƶ embedded in the Arts Department, which seemed to him like an oasis at the time. Having graduated from Yarra in 1998, he studied Graphic Design at RMIT and went on to get a job in corporate graphic design. However, he struggled to find the meaning in this work and found himself instead working as an in-house designer for a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which appealed to his philosophical ideals of social justice.

After an extended period overseas which allowed him to consider a new path, he realised that he felt constricted by the 2dimensional nature of graphic design and had an urge to use a more physical medium, to build large sculptures and unique features; custom made creations, designed for people to fit their specific environment.

Over the last 8 years, Damian has worked on a vast array of projects from architectural cladding, to custom made furniture, but nothing has provided him with a thrill like building large-scale sculpture.

"If it were not for ˿Ƶ's commitment to providing students with the opportunity to explore their interests in a wide range of subjects, from drama, to music and visual arts, I think it would be unlikely that I would have found the ability, support and inspiration to carve out the path that I currently walk, a path that allows me to discover and generate the meaning and fulfillment I have always sought." Damian Vick (YOG 1998)

To view some of Damian’s other works, please visit:


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