The George Wood Performing Arts Centre: Daily Life

The PAC is the centrepiece of Yarra’s dynamic conversation. History matters in the way it is experienced – the democratic spirit on which the building was inspired continues. The PAC is home to the school’s Assemblies, the colourful Yarra Food, Wine and Music night, and countless Musical Concerts and Performances. An important, vibrant part of Yarra’s curriculum, this has evolved from the tradition of sharing an annual musical with Tintern, to now holding a Junior, Middle, and Senior School Production. A place of commemoration, it holds Presentation and Award nights, Information nights, Foundation dinners and Memorial Services. Dux Assemblies, Art shows, the Good Friday Appeal and Choral Showcases offer celebration and pride. As of 2017, Yarra delights in Comedy Nights as well.

The Centre regularly plays host to performances, ranging from children’s favourites such as ABC for Kids, to some of Australia’s most celebrated artists. For the purpose of hospitable hosting, a full time manager – Dawn Holland – was soon employed. Dawn was followed by Alan Siggers, Barry Davies, and now Paul Sherriff who has held the position for twenty-three years as of 2018. Paul is assisted by Marcus Viskich and Alex Fulton. The venue is regularly used for local school concerts and presentations, dance performances, and various charity and community events. It stands as a welcoming place where the school can gather and become familiar with the varied faces and stories of the community.

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