The Visionary

Date Unveiled:15 October 2016
Unveiled by:Sarah Tipping, Chairman of YVG Board and Sculptor Damian Vick (YOG 1998)
Principal:Dr Mark Merry

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the School 1966-2016.

Damien Vick loved Art at ˿Ƶ School. He started his Art career in 2D, but lucky for us he always wanted to try 3D and so when asked, he came up with this amazing design of The Visionary. It stands 5m tall - imagine having to transport that from his studio to this point. It is made with weathering steel known as Corten steel. Except the ‘Heart’ which will never fade or go brown, always staying bright. The heart of the school maybe?

The Visionary can represent anything you want it to, it looks up to the sky like the School motto (Levavi Oculous - I lift up my eyes). What is the Visionary seeing, do you think? Maybe dreaming of the endless possibilities of what the future will bring and the part that we all can play in it. Where will your future take you?

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