Enrolment Procedure

Domestic Students

Application process

The following application process is applicable to all students who have Australian citizenship or hold permanent resident or temporary resident/business visas. The process includes completion of application for enrolment form by all prospective families. To apply for a place at ˿Ƶ, please download the Application for Enrolment form and submit with the following

  • Non-refundable application fee as indicated on the form
  • Photocopy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of passport along with proof of visa for temporary resident and permanent resident families
  • Additional documentation as requested in the application for enrolment form(if applicable)
  • Court orders including family court orders and intervention orders (if applicable)

Note: Please note that if applying for more than child, please complete individual application for enrolment form for each of the applicants.

It is essential that you register your interest by completing the Application for Enrolment form at the earliest possible date. ˿Ƶ receives applications for families shortly after the child is born.

Depending upon the Year Level and year of entry, all registered families will be contacted 2- 3 years prior to the enrolment year. All families will be requested to submit Enrolment Information Form along with a copy of School Reports for the last year and NAPLAN test results. Once these documents have been submitted, the School will invite you to schedule an Enrolment Interview time.

Changes to Enrolment

There can be only two changes of enrolment to your child’s years of entry but will not result in a change to his/her date of application. After two deferrals, application will be cancelled.A deferred application will not automatically guarantee a place in future year level.

A request for a change revert all applications to the status of an applicant for enrolment only. This will include deferral, interviewed and confirmed applicant who have paid the Family Enrolment Charge. The Family Enrolment charge is non-refundable in the event of a withdrawal or cancellation of an enrolment. However, if an enrolment is deferred, the Family Enrolment Charge will be carried forward and adjusted in future FEC payment.

In case your contact details change please advise the office of Marketing and Admissions by clicking here.

For more information regarding enrolments, please refer to our Conditions of Enrolment 

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