Student Enterprise  

۲’s Student Enterprise, the brainchild of Penny Swan (YOG 1990), is an entrepreneurial initiative providing the selected students involvement in a self-managed business activity – running a project as part of a team with financial goals and measurable outcomes. 

Student Enterprise aligns with a charity to build a business model that focuses on fundraising, charitable contribution and community involvement. 

Student Enterprise fosters a well-supported mentoring program for students, guided by a team of Yarra Old Grammarians (YOG). The Alumni share their expertise and provide invaluable professional guidance for students to assist with their professional development and successful project results.

In it's inaugural year, 2016 the YOG Mentors interviewed the Year 9 students last year, selecting a team of 14 budding entrepreneurs to be part of the program.

The panel of interviewers including: Georgie McGowan (YOG 1988), Hamish King (YOG 1989), Blair Arnot (YOG 1996), Dan Mumby (YOG 1984), Penny Swan (YOG 1990),Andy Buerckner (YOG 2004) and James Calvert-Jones (YOG 1985) 

At the end of the previous year, the students had a field trip to the Head offices of Country Road Group and met CEO, Matt Keogh (YOG1990), Analyst, Meredith Knox (YOG2004) and Design Manager, Natalie Wood (YOG1990). They got a real insight into the world of business.
Since then, a number of YOG Mentors have helped to guide the students in their enterprising activities and Jeremy Macvean (YOG 1992), Hamish King (YOG 1989), Dan Mumby (YOG 1984) and Penny Swan (YOG 1990) advised the students on their Business Plan.

The activities that the students are undertaking include:

  • entering a team in Run Melbourne on Sunday 24th July 2016
  • selling merchandise to fellow students at Yarra
  • organising an Open Gardens fundraiser on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September
  • having a stall at Yarra's 50th Community Festival on Saturday 15th October 2016.

Many thanks to all YOGs involved. Any Yarra Old Grammarians keen to get involved, please contact us.

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