Middle and Senior School Gallery

Year 9

Pencil Portrait Drawing

Students created a half portrait drawing using grey lead pencils. They aimed to develop their observational drawing skills, to develop their rendering skills and to explore the proportions of the face and individual facial features

Product Design Technology - Softies

In this unit of work, students produced a soft toy based on a common everyday object. They needed to develop their own characteristics and personality for their object and communicate this through the creation of facial features. Students drafted their own patterns and created Mock-ups to evaluate their designs before creating their final soft toy.

Cubist Drawings

In this unit of work, students studied the Cubist Movement which was started by Pablo Picasso and George Braque in 1907. This art movement was revolutionary as it changed the way we look at the world and helped to pave the way for new modern art styles.

The students started by drawing a series of objects from a range of angles. They then combined their drawings into a single composition focusing on the essence of the objects rather than their realistic appearance.

They incorporated numerous mediums including willow charcoal, compressed charcoal, pastel, conte, coloured pencil, conte crayon and collage.

Graphic Design

Photography Photomontage

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