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Early Learning Centre
Our ELC provides quality education and care for children aged 3 to 5 years. The Centre has been deemed <em>Exceeding</em> on all seven areas of assessment by the Department of Education and Training. Children thrive in our purpose-built Centre and also have access to the Schools other facilities including the indoor swimming pool, Music School, Performing Arts Centre, Resource Centre (Library), Sports complex, and computer resource rooms. Full and part time programs are available for both three and four-year-olds.
Early Learning Centre
ELC Farm Animal Incursion
Junior School
The initial years of schooling are some of the most important. Key foundation skills are established together with formative impressions of self and the learning experience. Magic things happen in Prep&ndash; the first reader, the mastery of the written word and key mathematical skills. Development of important play and social skills are also a focus. These are interesting, exciting and enjoyable times as we establish, with parents, a life-long love of learning in our students.
McAdam Square food excursion
Junior School
middle & senior schools
Middle School Years 7 to 9 are a period of transition for students, as they cross the bridge between primary learning and their senior school years. We set high expectations with regard to academic rigour and strive to ensure our students are engaged in their learning with learning and enhancement programs that are relevant, engaging and inspiring. Students in Senior School complete their final and important Years 10-12 of their secondary education. Our aim is to provide an education with a particular focus on academic excellence, preparing young people with skills, confidence and independence they will need to lead fulfilling lives as active and contributing members of the community.
Festival of Performing Arts
Aerial tour

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