Spiritual Learning

Opening our eyes to the world

˿Ƶ is a school established in the Anglican tradition and we have a gentle approach to nurturing our students’ spiritual development. Our mission is to help our students understand their place in the world, and to motivate and prompt them to do good things for others.

The School’s Chaplain attends all assemblies to lead students in a prayer or reflection, and also conducts Chapel services at each year level, where the subject matter is specifically geared towards the age group. Religious education is a part of the curriculum for our Junior School students (Prep to Year 6).

Diversity Week and World Religions Week encourage our students to look beyond their immediate communities and to learn about the beliefs and faiths of others.

The Community Links Program provides a focus for the students’ personal development, where they learn first-hand about caring for others and serving others. Students engage in activities such as reading to young children, cleaning up local areas, fundraising for charity, serving food to the homeless and working with refugee families, as well as camps and retreats.

“We want to open the kids experience and break down barriers. If we expose the students to these experiences and they then share it with others, it builds.” Rev Paul Joy, School Chaplain

Parents are also warmly invited to join a weekly parents’ prayer group held each Friday morning in the School’s Chapel.

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