Student Wellbeing

A caring environment with boundless opportunities

˿Ƶ’s students thrive in a safe, supportive and affirming environment where individuals are known and acknowledged for their unique contributions to our School community. Our goal is to develop independent, resilient and confident young people whose experience of school is a positive one.

“We believe that each student must feel safe and supported in order to be available for learning.” Mrs Mara Vanderzeil, Head of Student Wellbeing

Our teachers are mindful of their own experiences as students, and aim to ensure that a culture of positivity and encouragement underpins their classes. Developing balanced and mutually respectful teacher-student relationships is essential to ensuring that our students are known as individuals. Our team of staff and an atmosphere of camaraderie among the students ensure that there are always people around to encourage them to achieve success and to bounce back from disappointment.

Effective pastoral care is the result of a partnership between home and School. Regular opportunities are offered for parents to meet with staff members to discuss their child’s progress. Dedicated staff provide a framework for the pastoral care program, however it is delivered by the whole School community working together to ensure the best outcomes for each individual. Working with our Educational Psychologists in the Junior and Senior Schools, our teachers develop knowledge and strategies for reaching out to our young people. Specific action plans are developed in partnership with parents for those students needing extra care and their progress is monitored.

The co-educational environment creates an atmosphere of gender equality where our students learn to form relationships with boys and girls, with students older and younger, and with adults. Leadership is modelled by males and females, reflecting the tertiary environment and the workforce. Interaction between year levels is encouraged through cross-age programs, allowing senior students to act as role models and mentors. Students are encouraged to develop increasing personal responsibility throughout their school lives, and leadership roles are offered to students at all levels.

Students and teachers alike are working toward better preparedness for the demands of schooling with workshops on Mindfulness. For more information please click on the links below:

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