Our Valued Staff

Great teachers love to teach

Great teachers are able to communicate complex concepts in simple ways. They vary their teaching methods to suit individual learning styles. This takes patience, flexibility and the ability to see things from the students’ perspective. ˿Ƶ’s team of teachers know their material, are passionate about their subjects and love to teach. They spend time getting to know our students so they can teach them effectively and develop strategies so that each student can achieve their potential.

“I seek to understand what my students know first. Students have particular needs and abilities and it’s important to work out how each person learns best so you can take them on a learning journey to move them forward.” Mrs Nicole Rogers, Junior School Curriculum Coordinator

While our focus is on academic rigour, we recognise that students learn best when they are engaged in the content. Our teachers are innovative thinkers, planning their classes to stimulate the minds of our students with multiple delivery methods to suit the needs of individuals. Inquiry learning plays a large role, and a dedicated Individual Programs Department ensures that students can extend their learning or receive the extra support they need. Our teachers love celebrating the achievements of our students – no matter how big or small – and recognise that the definition of success is unique to each individual.

“The focus in the classroom is on academic rigour but we also have to engage the students to really develop an enthusiasm for learning, independence in learning and an inquiring mind… We have to raise the bar so that they will too.” Mr Andrew Lawrence, Head of Middle School

The teacher-student relationship is critical to our students’ success and is based on mutual understanding and trust. Our teachers know that developing positive relationships with their students is the key to finding out how each individual learns best, and using that information to engage, motivate and inspire them. They act as role models for our students, promoting the School’s core values such as respect, concern and action for others, and treating others as they wish to be treated. Our teachers work in partnership with parents so students receive a shared message of encouragement and belief in them.

Our teachers are also willing students and lifelong learners themselves, constantly refining their craft and remembering what it’s like to be a student. They are committed to ongoing professional development, sharing their expertise amongst themselves via a variety of professional working groups, as well as looking to other schools and organisations to expand their knowledge and ideas.

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